Building Cleaning and Burner Maintenance Workshop

The Cleaning workshop Different Service undertakes the cleaning of houses (detached houses and apartment buildings) as well as all types of business premises. Immediate response to skylights cleaning, oil burner installation, solar water heater maintenance, etc.

Assigning them to us cleaning services, the burner maintenance as well as the retreading or sale of the fire extinguishers of your apartment building, your we offer for free the issuance of shared accounts.

Cleaning Workshop Different Service

Company - business space cleaning workshop

Different Service is an innovative cleaning company. In particular, the cleaning of houses and various buildings such as detached houses, apartment buildings, shops, business premises, shopping malls, tuition centers, entertainment centers, schools, schools, kindergartens, municipalities, communities, restaurants, studios, theaters, hotels, offices, companies, event halls, etc. our cleaning workshop offers specialized and high quality cleaning services.

The cleaning of houses and other spaces that we undertake, is always done with the use of the most suitable and appropriate professional machines and cleaning detergents. The quality and quantity of detergents follow the manufacturer's instructions to bring the desired results and even at very low prices.

In addition, our company undertakes a variety of cleaning services, such as biological cleaning of mattresses, carpets and sofas with immediate and visible results.

Nationwide Service

Our cleaning crew provides its high quality services both in areas of Athens and Piraeus, as well as in the rest of Greece.

Our services

Efficient cleaning and maintenance services offered by the cleaning service Different Service

  • Cleaning of houses (Houses and Apartment Buildings).
  • Lighting Cleaning and Painting.
  • Cleaning carpets, sofa mattresses.

By entrusting us with the services we offer for your apartment building, we give you as a gift the utility issue. Shares of an apartment building with delivery within 24 hours.

Solar water heater maintenance work in Athens / Attica Piraeus and Suburbs. Internal cleaning, flange replacement, etc.

Cleaning of business premises for offices, catering companies and all types of companies.

We undertake the installation of chimneys and cleaning of chimneys in detached houses and apartment buildings.

  • Installation, Adjustment & Maintenance of Oil and Gas Burner
  • Cleaning of oil tanks

Sale & installation of water filters,
with high technology cleaning system. Pure and crystal clear water daily.

Sale, installation & retreading
all types of fire extinguishers for maximum fire safety of your space.

Why and when will you need us?

Cleaning of business premises

Η cleanliness is one of the most important factors in our daily lives. A clean and tidy space, in addition to contributing to better living, is also a key factor in health issues.

Additionally, when it comes to one workplace, the cleaning work offered to you by our company's cleaning crew, is able to increase the productivity of your staff and of course to project a good image of your company.

In some cases, a cleaning crew is needed to completely restore a space. Such cases can be one removal the one ανακαίνιση, some important plumbing failure that caused a flood, or even intense stains which can not be removed by simple cleaning work.

In these cases, the approach requires specialized knowledge and use of professional equipment, which will take care to return your space to its original state. So if you are facing a serious problem that requires specialized cleaning services, all you have to do is contact us.

Residential and commercial cleaning services

Cleaning Workshop Prices

Costs for cleaning services can not be recorded in a fixed price list. The final price depends on the number of rooms in your personal or professional space, the total cleaning work that you want our workshop to do and whether you are interested in cleaning only the interior or exterior.

Although we can not give a fixed price for the services you are interested in from the beginning, we can guarantee that in Different Service you will find high quality services cleaning and maintenance, on lower prices. Contact us in order to give you a detailed offer, based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

The cleanliness and proper organization of a space, in addition to contributing to the best living conditions, is also the most important factor of hygiene.

An experienced and specialized cleaning team is necessary after a move or renovation, when there is a significant damage to the plumbing that caused a flood, or even when you are dealing with heavy stains.

The specialized cleaning services provided by the company Different Service, concern both the cleaning of houses and business premises.

House cleaning should be done at least 3 times a year, in order to ensure optimal hygiene of the space. When it comes to business, cleaning should be done once a month

Within the framework of our provided services, we undertake the cleaning of houses and apartment buildings, professional spaces as well as individual works such as: Cleaning of carpets and mattresses, maintenance of oil and gas burners, maintenance of solar water heater, issuance of public buildings, etc.

As mentioned above, the prices depend on the number of services you choose as well as the specifics of the space you want our company to undertake. However we can guarantee that in us you will find the lowest prices on the market, for cleaning services of high quality and efficiency.

The cleaning company Different Service provides its services throughout Attica. This means that whether you are in Athens, or Piraeus and the suburbs, we are able to provide immediate service. In fact, by arrangement we can go to cities in the province.

All you have to do is contact us at (+30) 2109328019 and (+30) 6980559248, or fill out the contact form on our website.

The staff of the cleaning company Different Service, has vast experience in providing high quality cleaning and maintenance services. By choosing the cleaning service Different Service you ensure excellent quality, maximum safety for your space and of course low prices.

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